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As governments and property developers throughout North America scramble to keep pace with growth, the decades-old debate about how best to achieve sustainable growth rages on.

As market and political forces have ensured that sprawl is here to stay, the focus turns to mitigating the impacts through best practices in urban/landscape design and leveraging technology to connect communities in more sustainable ways.

This webinar focuses on the role that on-demand transit can play in mitigating some of the transportation challenges associated with sprawl; in particular, access to high quality public transit. We will take a deep dive into a successful case study and outline a process for how the public and private sectors can collaborate on delivering transit to new communities.

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Alex Mereu
Solutions Engineer

Alex Mereu has 12 years of industry experience as a transportation planner and project manager, working on microtransit deployments, transit network plans, station access studies, transit business cases, and transit-oriented development. His experience in working on Toronto’s Waterfront led him to a deep understanding of the importance of public and private collaboration in the delivery of transit-oriented sustainable development.